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Insight is born from the marriage of information and experience.

Hub – our data warehouse and reporting platform – integrates with multiple platforms to aggregate all the data from your digital program (acquisition, email, texting, fundraising, advertising, etc.). It then cleans, organizes, and cross-references that data to provide holistic historical and real-time reports.

Data Warehousing

Aggregates your data in one place for comprehensive reporting.

Data Management

Keeps your data clean and automatically organizes it how you want.

Robust Reporting

Build reports that leverage hundreds of data points from multiple platforms.

Hub was built by digital experts, for digital experts. We know the reports required to run a sophisticated, nimble, and successful digital marketing program because we have decades of experience executing those programs, at scale. Hub provides a robust yet streamlined reporting experience that facilitates both in-the-moment decisions and deeper longitudinal analysis.